I’m sooo sorry

Okay first of all I’m sorry for being so inactive. What happened was that I logged out and forgot my password. I hope that I don’t do that again! So also it been really hard to balance blogging, homework and school life. I have to divide my time more equally now that the summer holidays […]

Peace at last!

Hi there! Finally, peace at last. My sister has gone to a birthday party, my stepmum is out and now its just me and my dad at home. I am very sad and annoyed at leaving the EU. Apparently now we won’t get Magic Stars imported into UK now that we left, but I think […]

Hey Guys!

This is going to be a very long post now… First off, sorry I haven’t been very active recently. A lot of things have been going on with school lately, with extra homework, tests, after school events and all that kind of thing. I don’t like school very much, and I especially don’t like things […]

Kawaii Tuesday No.1

Introducing Kawaii Tuesday, the day to talk about all things kawaii, pastel, edgy and awesome! Please note that I may not be able to do this every week but I’ll try to.Moving on… Pastel make up is like the best ever kind. It’s unique to all those bright, bold brands like Rimmell London and Maybelline […]

Wow, some people have amazing blogs!

I love how every single person in this world has amazing creativity. And I love the way some people incorporate creativity into blogs… Blogs have been my favourite way to express myself for a while now. On a few other websites I had other blogs but they got deleted because I didn’t have time to […]

Saturday Vibes

Hi there! As you all know, today is Saturday. I’m a little bored so I’ve decided to save money so that next week I can invite my best friends to town with me. Don’t ask me why but recently I’ve been going to town with friends a lot. Also I’m gathering some loose change for […]